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"Our son was born with bilateral choanal atresia. Meaning both of the nasal passages are blocked by bone or soft tissue. We met Dr. Dashow in Anchorage, AK the day after our son was born. He told us the game..." Read more

Parents of Sevyn

"What an amazing doctor! Our now 2-year-old son Owen (11 months at the time) was referred to Dr. Dashow and after our pediatrician had concerns with the shape of his head. Ultimately, our son needed major skull surgery to correct..." Read more

Brett & Chelsey (Owen’s parents)

"A very talented surgeon who provides life changing oral and craniofacial surgery to Alaska's pediatric patients with caring and kindness." Read more


"Our son Hayden was born with a facial cleft. At the age of seven it became time to repair the gap in his upper gum (alveolar cleft). We expected to be prepared for a bone graft from his hip to..." Read more

Hayden's Dad