A Smile to Share

Our son Hayden was born with a facial cleft. At the age of seven it became time to repair the gap in his upper gum (alveolar cleft). We expected to be prepared for a bone graft from his hip to his top jaw but Dr. Dashow told us about a different procedure that uses a “bone powder” and growth proteins instead of taking bone from our son’s body. Of course we were nervous and Hayden was scared, but Dr. Dashow explained the entire process to us and really helped calm our nerves. Hayden was out of the hospital within 4 hours and back at home healing.

Dr. Dashow was amazing!

He gave us his personal phone number and told us to call or text him if we had any concerns at all – and we definitely used that number on more than one occasion. The procedure and healing could not have gone better! Raising a child with a cleft means many procedures and many doctors throughout a kiddo’s life. It’s wonderful to know that our son has someone like Dr. Dashow on his side as he goes through all of it.