“A Positive, Professional & Compassionate Experience”

What an amazing doctor! Our now 2-year-old son Owen (11 months at the time) was referred to Dr. Dashow after our pediatrician had concerns with the shape of his head. Ultimately, our son needed major skull surgery to correct Sagittal Craniosynostosis. What a blessing it was to have Dr. Dashow perform the surgery right here in Anchorage.

Each step of the way, Dr. Dashow expressed compassion and empathy, understanding how stressful of a time this is for the patient, as well as the parents. As they were preparing to take our son to the operating room on the day of surgery, Dr. Dashow looked my wife in the eyes and said “we’ll take care of him as if he was our own.” In situations where the surgery seems harder on the parents than the patient, hearing Dr. Dashow say this really helped put our minds at ease during the long procedure.

Thank you Dr. Dashow, we could not have asked for a more positive, professional, or compassionate experience.